Jonathan & Steve?

Steve Lastoe’s earliest memory of The Princess Bride is watching it on HBO in the late 1980’s. In addition to being a fan of the Morgenstern, he is a huge Star Wars geek. a long time comic book reader, and a big fan of hard sci fi. When not being a dork, Steve resides in Brooklyn with his wife Stacey, and his dog Odie. He works in running¬†and loves the New York Mets.



Jonathan Carlisle

Husband of one, Father of three

Dog owner, pun groaner, never been oversea

Lover of movies, and also TV

Reader of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, the occasional biography

Contemplator of worlds, both real and alternate

Listener of podcasts, minute-by-minute

The Princess Bride, ever seen it?

Anybody want a peanut?